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Category: Medicine

Aconite/Aconitum napellus Medicine | Uses and Side effect

Region MIND.Brain.NERVES.Medulla.Sympathetic.Vagus.Respiratory Centre.HEART.Arterial.Circulation.Viscera.Larynx.Chest.Abdomen.Joints. Worse Violent Emotions.FRIGHT.SHOCK.Vexation.Sleeping in Sun.Chilled by.COLD,dry winds.While Sweating.Pressure and Touch.Noise.Light.Dentition.During.Menses.Night;in Bed,P.M.Lying on Side.BetterOpen Air.Repose.Warm Sweat.DescriptionRobust habit.Sudden, violently acute, painful effects, a big storm that soon blows over.Tension.Congestion; often apoplectic.Excited nervous and vascular systems.Inflammation.Congestion to head and chest : acute.Inflammation : internal; rheumatic.Bright red haemorrhage (Bell.).Acute senses.Sticking, tearing pains.Parts feel numb, big, burn, tingle, prickle or crawl, remain sore or numb after the pains.Neuralgia.Crepitation.Painfully sore externally, with internal heaviness.Collapse.SymptomsTERROR.ANXIETY.AGONIZING FEAR; of death, crowds, etc.RESTLESS, excited, nervous, feverish, impatient and anxious.Beside himself; frantic from intensity of the pain; WITH FEAR; screams, moans, gnaws the fists, bites the nails (Ars.),…